Your Logo is NOT your Brand!

Although a company’s logo may be the first thing we think of when someone mentions “brand,” there is more to a brand than a pretty picture. Think of a company you admire or work with. It’s likely you can picture their logo, but if you were describing them to someone else, what would you say?

You might say that you like them because they are environmentally conscious with their packaging, or they have a company culture that supports families, or they give back to the community. When you think about it a few more seconds, you may think of their slogan or tagline, their bright colors on their website and social media platforms, and how they have a great reputation with their customers. All these things together make up a brand. Although the symbol, or mark, that is a logo should represent the company’s values and purpose, it does not stand alone. What helps a logo become memorable are all  the supporting pieces of the brand.

A successful brand captures the identity of the organization. I liken it to planting your stake in the ground and claiming your territory, including what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for.

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LINDA BARNES July 26th, 2017 At 9:41
I'm pretty chagrined to say I never thought of "branding" this way. Such good advice! I can see I would benefit from putting much more thought into this. I know I'm not my logo, but how to expand beyond that will be my new challenge. Thanks for your tips! Reply