Your Inner Circle is More Powerful Than You Think

I have heard on numerous occasions that you are (or you become) the five people you hang around most. It’s true. As Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine says, your top five people dictate your conversations, your attitudes and opinions, and even your dress and what you eat. Think you’re more independent than that? Think again. We all want to be around people we enjoy and are stimulated and challenged by. Look at your list of goals and then compare it to your inner circle of friends- are they aligned? I am not saying you should use choose your friends based on what they can do for you, but all good relationships are based on giving and sharing. Spending your time with others who share your values and demonstrate the kind of personal characteristics and professional integrity you strive for enhances your life.

You are what you eat, you are your beliefs, you are your habits. You are also the people you surround yourself with. Not only does this apply to your personal relationships, but your professional relationships as well. Does this mean you should not ever see the friend you care for deeply but is always struggling with a crisis or the co-worker who is entertaining but unreliable? Not necessarily, but be careful. We are talking here about who you hang out with MOST often, your inner circle.

When we tell our children their reputation can be affected by their friends, we are usually speaking from experience. My father used to say (as probably all fathers do), “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” Surround yourself with the kind of people whom you admire and trust and know in your heart that if they do jump, there is a darn good reason for it and you’d better jump right behind them.

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