Win the Procrastination Battle

Sometimes it feels impossible to get started on a new project. We’ve all been there, and the longer you put it off the harder it seems. Whether it’s because you are so overwhelmed with your work load, you have no idea where to begin, you would rather do something else, or you enjoy the thrill of working on a tight deadline, this can create problems in your work life (not to mention personal life).

How many times have you found yourself thinking “I could write this blog post (or make sales calls, or update my mailing list) right now, or I could get caught up on these emails  and do the blog post later?” I’m sure we all can admit that we’ve been guilty of procrastinating from time to time, some of us more than others. But today can be the day we kick our procrastination tendencies to the curb so that we are more successful than we were yesterday.

For some people, if there aren’t strict due dates on assignments they will never be accomplished. For those running your own business or working in a relaxed work environment, a tendency to procrastinate can set you behind and affect others schedules and even client expectations. Successful people hold themselves accountable and get things done! They are organized and abide by a schedule. It doesn’t mean successful people never get bitten by the procrastination bug, they just have better strategies to deal with it.

Procrastination is a decision. In any moment you either choose to do something or you don’t. One of the inherent dangers of procrastination is that once you put something off, it gets even more difficult to get back on track and the temptation to procrastinate further becomes more and more attractive. The battle to eliminate your inclination to procrastinate might get tough, but the rewards will be well worth it. A few tips to help quell procrastination fever:

  • Consider delaying but start now anyway – don’t accept excuses
  • Eat the Frog – tackle the least appealing task first thing every day and get it over with
  • Expect more from yourself, push to do just “one more thing” before quitting or moving on
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing particularly difficult or mundane tasks

Now get back to work!

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