Who inspires you?

I recently had coffee meetings with a few individuals I had not seen in some time. I left each meeting feeling very inspired and optimistic. It made me think about all the different kinds of people we encounter as business owners, and what kinds of relationships we need to nurture our development as individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. If you focus exclusively on meetings to trade leads, you may be missing out on some great advice which can be worth more than a new prospect. Meeting with someone whom you typically view as a competitor opens up the opportunity to share experiences and help each other out without worrying about taking business away from each other. Think about all the people you know and what gifts they provide to you, and you to them. We all know there are certain people who are ideal to talk with when we need to be encouraged to embark on a new adventure, need advice in dealing with a problem, need compassion when things didn’t go well, need ideas when we are stuck, or need companionship when we feel like the lone ranger. Forming and maintaining these relationships are critical to the success of your business and your personal well-being. Who inspires you?

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