Where Science and Art Collide

If you are one of those people who believe in the power of marketing, you may fall into one of two camps. Let’s call the first type of camper the marketing scientist. This individual believes that marketing is all about numbers and plans and schedules. If you find the perfect formula, you’ve got it made. Out of 1,000 emails, 200 people will click on the website link, and out of those 200, 15 will buy something. Done and done. You test and measure and tweak and measure again, and sooner or later you can predict results with pretty good accuracy.

What about the the second type of camper? Let’s call this type the marketing artist. This individual believes that you can’t be rigid with marketing, you have to get into the creative flow and be inspired with an idea to motivate people to act. Why waste time following a schedule if you can’t think of anything good to say: after all, you’ve got to “wow” people, right?

While parts of the marketing scientist mindset and parts of the marketing artist mindset are valid, neither one is ideal on their own. Too much scientist and your message can become stale and predictable. Too much artist and you lose brand consistency and credibility. The real magic happens when you start with solid brand-building blocks, add a creative approach to reach your market, and implement your creative plan with precision. Science and art, head and heart, numbers and concepts, however you look at it, it takes both. When you realize the beauty of this equation, your competitors better watch out!

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