When Does Strategy Fail?

I am a huge proponent of strategy, which is basically smart planning. If you don’t plan where you are going, how do you know when you get there? Having a solid marketing strategy outlines exactly what you want from your marketing efforts (objectives), what you are going to do to get there (methods), and how it will happen (tactical plan). Thinking strategically means you know WHY you are doing what you’re doing—and that you care about the long-term and overarching goals you have set for your business.

Can strategy ever be a bad thing for your marketing and your business? Sometimes it can be. If you get so caught up in planning, dreaming, and forecasting that you never get started on implementing your plans, you can become paralyzed. There is a delicate balance between strategy and tactics, and business owners often struggle with it. Think of your strategic plan as your master vision, and your tactical plan as your action plan to get there. Strategy and tactics must do a finely choreographed dance to be most successful. There are times when strategic planning takes a little more of your attention and gets the spotlight momentarily, but it is balanced by the fancy dance leap of its partner, the tactical plan, who is the mover and shaker and gets stuff done.

Strategy alone with no action gets you nowhere. No strategy or not enough strategy may get you somewhere, but is it really where you wanted to go? 

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