What’s Good Enough?

Have you ever failed to launch a marketing piece or campaign because you didn’t feel like it was good enough or it wasn’t ready? You may have wanted to do just a “bit more” editing, thinking there was probably a better word choice here or a better graphic you could place there. Before you know it, you miss the deadline or get so tired of trying to make it perfect you give up.

When these predicaments occur, take a break to think about what you are doing. Sometimes the battle between excellence and perfection creates confusion or even paralysis. While it is admirable to want to say exactly the right thing, it is often more important just to say something. This is why defining your objectives for your campaign at the start is so important. If your objective is to teach someone something, maybe the debate over a particular word choice doesn’t matter if it doesn’t change the meaning of your words.

A few strategies to get past “good enough” worries include stepping away from the project and working on something else for a while, getting different eyes to look at it, or even reviewing past projects that were determined successful (but may have worried the author at the time). If your message is relevant, if it’s clear and concise and free of mistakes, if you feel like you’re close but it’s not yet perfect, practice letting go and launch that marketing!

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