We All Have a Story – Tell Yours Well

This morning I was watching Olympic coverage while at the gym, and my ears perked right up when a commentator was talking about an ice dancing pair and their free skate routine. She mentioned that it helped when a couple “had a story to tell” through their skating. The announcer said many younger skating pairs could learn from some of the more seasoned pros who tied their skating routine to a theme which included the music, choreography, and costumes, becoming a real live story to the skaters. I like to describe marketing as storytelling, so I was interested and also in agreement with the woman on television. She talked of how things flow better, innovation increases, and purpose is clearer when built around a “story.”
What is your story and how do you present it? A story is built from data and emotion. Your story might include how many years you have been in business, why you started the business, what you offer, and how people benefit from your products or services. All good stories need a compelling reason for people to pay attention, so don’t be afraid to share intangible characteristics, values, and emotion when relevant.  Often, these are the things people remember most because they resonate with them. When developing your story, it’s OK to take your time. Focus on what is important to your customers, ask them directly if you need, and weave it together with your company’s mission. When you find the right message, your story will draw the right people to your organization. And you will all “live happily ever after.”

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