The ONE Thing that matters in your marketing

What ONE Thing could you do this day or this week to move your marketing forward? Sorry to report that there is no magic bullet that guarantees marketing success for all equally. That said, there are solid marketing principles to guide you and steps and activities to take to get you where you are headed (as long as you know where that is). Being afraid to start because you don’t have the whole thing figured out is a mistake. I know this flies in the face of most professional advice, including my own, but the longer you wait for the right time, right inspiration, right people, enough time, or enough money, you keep doing exactly that—waiting. How much does waiting cost you?

The ONE Thing you can do that matters today is take action on anything. Make a quick list of all the marketing activities you’ve been thinking about; whether it’s a new website, starting some social media activity, cleaning out your database, writing an article, planning a direct mail or email campaign, identifying a new mailing list, creating a marketing budget, working on your message, joining a networking group or an industry association, doing a survey, reading a book, whatever. Then pick ONE Thing and spend some time on it. You will feel better. You may even create some momentum. If all you can manage is to create the list, it counts as your ONE Thing for the day. Don’t be too harsh in judging your efforts, just keep moving forward.

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