The Greatest Story Never Told

You know how great your company is. You want everyone else to know it too. What are you doing about it? How many people do you hope to reach this week- this month- this year? “As many as possible” isn’t going to cut it as an answer here. If you have a revenue goal for this year, you can tie it back to the number of sales you have to make which, in turn, ties back to the number of people you have to reach with your story.

Some business owners struggle with their story- is it the right message? Does it communicate your purpose clearly and in a compelling way? If you have your story nailed, are you sure exactly who needs to hear it? Knowing what to say and who to say it to is a large part of marketing but not the whole package. Knowing the best way to tell your story makes a difference. Is your target market spending their time online? At a meetup or conference? Do they actually still read their physical mail (hint- some people still do and prefer it)? Do they search for your services on the internet? Talk to their friends?

Regardless of how you find your customers, the bottom line remains the same: someone has to hear your story, whether it’s from you or someone else. Developing the right story, identifying the right audience, and choosing the right methods requires strategy and effort, but if your story is not being told you are dead in the water.

You don’t want to be the “Greatest Story Never Told” do you? No, I didn’t think so. Put on your storyteller hat and get busy!



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