The 4 Rules of Storytelling for Marketing

Storytelling can be extremely effective for marketing your business or organization. It’s easy if you cover these four bases- what I call the 4 Rs of Marketing Storytelling:

1) Relevant

2) Resonant

3) Relate

4) Remember

Remember it this way: If your story is relevant and resonates with them, they will relate to you and remember you.

Relevant = meaning. It is meaningful but more tied to data and information than emotion. Your story won’t be meaningful to everyone, because everyone is not your prospect (yes, really).

Resonant= meaning and alignment, but more tied to emotions and feelings. Your story hits their core, it just isn’t relevant, it aligns with their feelings and their “vibes.”

Relate = they “get you,” they understand your story, they want to know you, they feel a connection to you. More than just resonating with them, they want to embrace not just the story, but who delivered the story.

Remember = your story is memorable. If your story meets all the other Rs, they are highly likely to remember you and your story, or at least your story. Seems like the easiest one, make it memorable, but I believe nailing the other three goes most of the way, if not all, towards remembering your story. Example- I always remembers “things” I saw or heard or read and they were good information, but I can’t necessarily tell you who said them or where I saw it. If I related to the person delivering it, I’ll probably remember the story AND who said it.

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