Tell Your Story: It’s how people get to know you

Do you ever feel like you’re just one of a million coaches, trainers, health providers, whatever it is you do? We’ve all been there. And sometimes we beat our head against the wall trying to figure out what really makes us different than everyone else.

What makes you different is your story. The whole thing. Who you are, where you came from (meaning your background- but hey, California counts too), what your believe, your perspective, your work experience, and everything else about YOU. Differentiating ourselves in the marketplace is not confined to the definition of the services and products we offer for sale. It is SO. MUCH. MORE.

This is why I say your brand IS your story. Everything you want people to know and see about your business comes back to you and your story.

Let that sink in. Then communicate the heck out of it.

Part of my story is my passion for helping you get your vision, your passion, your story clarified, crafted, and communicated.

Story on, my friends!

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