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Have you ever heard that content is king? First of all, what does that even mean, and second, who cares? A much better way to say it is “no one is ever going to buy from you unless they know you exist and know your story.” Yes, that version is a bit longer, but it cuts to the chase – you have to know WHAT TO SAY to people, and HOW TO SAY IT in order to attract customers.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I don’t know what to say on my website
  • is my copy is boring – it doesn’t seem to work
  • what are the magic words to attract new customers?
  • how do I make people care about my business?

The truth is, we all have the same questions, and more. Whether you own or run a business, non-profit, trade association, educational institution, or any other type of organization, the struggle is real. We need marketing to get the word out. We can’t make people care, but we can let them know why WE care, and give them enough information to help them make decisions.

Your content deserves to be noticed and storytelling is how you get noticed – and remembered.
You are in the right place if you need help with any of the following content services:

Content Services

  • Mission statement
  • Competitive positioning statement
  • Your story/core messaging
  • Website content
  • Copywriting for advertising
  • Calls to action
  • Newsletters
  • Survey development
  • Editorial calendars
  • Bios and About Us pages
  • Direct mail letters

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