Branding and Marketing are related, but let’s be clear: they are not the same thing. Branding IS your story, and marketing is TELLING that story to the people who matter.

Branding without marketing looks like this: you spend a lot of time, money, and effort developing the perfect story – but nobody sees it!

Marketing without branding looks like this: you put messages out there all the time to lots of people in lots of different ways, but you don’t tell the same story all the time, you may tell it to the wrong people, and you don’t have any idea how people are responding.

Your brand is your story. Marketing is telling that story.

Marketing Troubadour helps you build a strong brand that clearly defines your organization and communicates the “why” behind what you offer, so that you can attract the right people. We have created a unique branding pie, which breaks down the critical ingredients to a strong brand that resonates with your ideal target market.

Do you want to know what the biggest branding mistake is, and if you are making it, too? Don’t feel bad – almost everyone does this. When you stop doing this, you achieve brand congruency, which leads to business growth and success.

Watch the 15 minute presentation on the right to learn what brand congruency is and how it helps you.

Quick Brand Assessment

“How do you know if your brand is effective? Not sure your brand sends the right message? Feel like your brand looks too much like your competitors? Sometimes a quick brand assessment is all you need to identify gaps or weaknesses and get you going in the right direction again.
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Brand Teaching for DIY Entrepreneurs

“When you're building your own brand, you need to know what the critical pieces are, why they are so important, and how to craft them together to tell the perfect story. Are your logo and graphics strong but your messaging weak? Is your customer experience not matching your brand promises? Is your brand solidly aligned with your values and mission?
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Brand Development

“Developing a new brand from the ground up? Time for a major rebranding effort? Branding yourself as your business? All these things need special attention and a structured process to develop a strong, unique brand.
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