Marketing is storytelling.

Just storytelling. Who doesn’t love a good story, right? The kind that makes you sit on the edge of your seat, perk up your ears, get all emotional, and want to know more…

Humans are hard-wired for story: it’s what helps us connect with other people, make sense of our world, and create meaning in our lives. We don’t know about you, but we want to connect and we want more meaning. At Marketing Troubadour, we call it “Marketing to Humans.” Marketing to Humans means showing up in an authentic, unique way and telling your story to the people who matter.

Marketing to Humans requires a few things if it’s going to work (and we think that’s why you’re here):

  • knowing your “why” (this is the core of your brand)
  • owning your story (this is what separates you from your competition)
  • willingness to get emotional (this doesn’t mean getting dramatic or sad or pulling on heartstrings to get what you want, it means being real)
  • being super-clear on your ideal client profile
  • being passionate about your brand
  • developing a content style
  • having a nurture plan for prospects AND customers
  • promising and delivering the best customer experience
Create messaging

“that attracts and engages the right people in an authentic way”

Build a brand

“whose presence is greater than the sum of its ingredients”

Unlock the mystery

“of how to leverage the most effective marketing tool available”

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Question: If a company goes out of business because nobody knows about them, did they ever really exist? Don’t wait around to find out – get your story out there!

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