On the 1st day of marketing, the troubadour gave to me…

ONE crucial bit of advice-

“Not everyone is your client.” Do you want to have a generic, vanilla message to a broad group of people who may or may not care; or a clear, concise, and relevant message to a much narrower population who you know already care? Don’t waste energy talking to people who can ‘t or won’t ever work with you.

Are you clear about who your audience is? Once you define your target market, refine it, getting more specific. Then refine it again. Consider demographics, then add psychographics and desirable characteristics to develop a persona, or a personal representation, or your ideal customer. Then, and only then, can you craft messaging that is focused and relevant to that persona. As a direct result, you will get more business, because you are only talking to the right people. Think about it.

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