New Year: New Brand? How to know if it’s time to rebrand

It is good to have benchmarks that prompt you to review your brand, whether they be triggered by the calendar (New Year) or by events (adding new services or reaching revenue goals). Without a trigger, we often get caught up in marketing activity and don’t pause to question if what we’re marketing has changed or if people’s perceptions of us have changed.

I believe your brand IS your story, and marketing is the TELLING of that story. When I say your brand IS your story, I don’t mean just the words, as in a storybook. I mean the whole story of your business, including what you sell, why you do what you do, who you do it for, not to mention your messaging and your visual identity. Yes, it is a lot. And, yes, it is important! When your story accurately portrays all of these things as a whole, there is no possible way anyone else could have the same story as you. Which, incidentally, makes your brand unique and irreplaceable!

When reviewing your brand, here are a few questions that may help you determine if you need to make small tweaks or larger changes to all or part of your brand.

Do you get inquiries for things you don’t sell or offer, or people not knowing what industry you are in?

This is often a red flag for not being clear about what pain you solve, missing the mark with your message, speaking to the wrong audience, or having a disconnect in your visual branding.

Do you have negative reviews or responses?

This may be a result of unmet expectations. Your messaging may need tweaking if your brand promises are not being fulfilled.

Have you added or significantly changed any of your products or services?

New product lines may mean different customers, or different messages to the same customers.

Has your clientele changed?

Many times our clients and services change so slightly over such a long period of time that we don’t notice there is now a large gap from where we started to where we are now.

It’s important to recognize that a new logo does not a rebrand make! A logo is a representation of your brand, not synonymous with your brand.

While none of these things may be critical enough to suggest you need to ditch your entire brand and start over from scratch, they can be clues that you need to tweak little parts of your brand to craft a story that fits you better. Total rebrands are actually required far less than you may imagine. Smaller branding changes that better reflect who you are have a big impact, while also being easier to accomplish, disrupting your marketing less, and costing less.




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