Marketing Troubadour is finally “official” (How to know when it’s time to rebrand)

Happy June! I am proud and excited to announce that the transition from Dubois Information to Marketing Troubadour is now complete. The transformation has been a long time coming, with some unexpected delays, as happens sometimes in life. A few people have asked why I changed the name of the business. The question of rebranding is a valid one.

How do you know when or if you should rebrand your business or organization? Your main clues always come from listening: to your clients, your networking partners, industry trends, competitors messaging, and your own heart and mind. If you hear people asking questions that indicate they don’t have a clear understanding of what you do or they equate your services or products with a competitor that is not really similar, you may need to work on your brand. If industry-speak has changed and you are feeling like your image is quickly becoming antiquated, maybe it’s time to change. If your mission or direction has changed, embrace it instead of fighting to remain in the box you created long ago.

There is a big difference in tweaking an existing brand through refreshed graphics or refined messaging, and a rebrand with a new name, new look, and possibly even new services. Decide what will resonate with your customers and stakeholders by asking for feedback and paying attention. Do some research. Then boldly move ahead!

The name Marketing Troubadour was born several years ago and was intended to be the face of the blog for Dubois Information. With advice from sage friends and a feeling in my heart that it was the right thing to do, it felt more appropriate to have Marketing Troubadour be the brand of the entire company. After all, a troubadour is a traveling minstrel-type person who spreads the word by telling stories. OK, they usually sing and play some kind of musical instrument. I do neither of these, but I AM a storyteller at heart, and spreading the word is what marketing is all about.

Welcome to Marketing Troubadour! Browse our website. Subscribe to our blog with the RSS feed or email link on the left side of this page. Subscribe to our newsletter, Troubadour Tales. Attend our latest workshop either June 24 or June 30 to debut the new “Troubadour” brand and learn about storytelling while celebrating with us!

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