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How to Stand Out in a Noisy World

Do you ever feel like you need to yell to be heard? I’m talking metaphorically, of course. Marketing can feel like an overwhelming concept when there are so many messages bombarding us all day long. How do you know what to pay attention to, and how do you know how to get people to pay attention to YOU?

The best advice may seem counterintuitive at first glance: Simply be yourself. The more you quietly and matter-of-factly tell your story, the more it sets you apart from others. It may feel like that isn’t enough, but have a little trust in yourself, and your story. Here are a few tips for standing out from the others:

  1. Know that NO ONE else has the same story as you. It’s impossible. When your story is authentic and well developed (includes your why, how, who, what) it can’t be the same as someone else’s. This automatically makes you unique, and unique stands out.
  2. OWN your story. It’s something no one can take from you. When you own your story, your confidence soars and people can feel it. People (and companies) who truly own their stories are seen as more approachable and more honest.
  3. Consistently tell the SAME story. Tweak if you must, but do it only when necessary. Telling the same story over and over again is what gets attention over time.
  4. Show up. Go all in and STAY all in. Placing your story in front of people consistently over long periods of time is what gets attention and, most importantly, keeps interest. Usually the final person standing isn’t the one who shouted the loudest, but the one who was patient and didn’t give up. Don’t underestimate the power of showing up.

Standing your ground, making your claim, calling your shot – all these things can be done quietly and make a difference between who pays attention to you versus somebody else. People are attracted to confidence, authenticity, and stories that resonate with them.

How to stand out in a noisy world? Don’t get louder and flashier – get calmer and more real.

No screaming required. No streamers or confetti necessary. But, hey, if you like confetti, go for it!

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