How to make your story more exciting


Have you ever thought, “If I could just make my story more exciting, I’d have more sales”? If you believe the most exciting companies make the most money, think again. Here’s the thing – and you may even want to write it down where you can see it every day – exciting means different things to different people. You don’t need to worry about being exciting. All you need to worry about is whether you are RELEVANT.

Let’s reframe the conversation. What if you thought this? “If I can make my story more RELEVANT, I’d have more sales.” Yes, my friends, this is the idea. Who cares if you are exciting if you are relevant?

Because the rock-solid truth is this: When you are relevant, you become exciting.

Most people find excitement in getting their problems solved, and they are excited about the companies who can solve them.

A few examples:

  • If my sewer backs up, I don’t look for the plumber with the clever messages and fun website. I look for someone who can get here fast, fix it, and not overcharge me (even though I may be desperate and willing to pay almost anything). I look for what is relevant to me in the moment and it becomes exciting.
  • When you need to find a healthcare provider, you might get a lot more excited that your dentist is gentle and also a mile from your house than the fact that they have free coffee and good magazines. Of course, someone else may find the coffee and magazines more exciting. The point is exciting means different things to different people.
  • Picking out a new refrigerator in a big-box store may seem like a pretty boring expedition, until you are upgrading and get pretty excited about the fact that you can have more space, a fancy drink dispenser in the door, and better efficiency than your old one.

I got really excited about learning to make paleo mayo in my blender in under 2 minutes and watching it magically turn from liquid to a creamy, delicious spread. I can understand that might not be too exciting to you. Relevance, people!

So is this a trick, the bottom line is you really DO need to be exciting? Yes and no. No, you don’t have to be exciting to everyone all the time. You only have to be relevant with your message at the right time to the right people. Then you will be very exciting to them. And that’s what counts, right?

Lastly – yes, you also want to be compelling, memorable, responsive, and relatable with your messaging. If you are not relevant, however, you won’t ever get to these things. Worry about relevance first, and add the rest later.


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