How to clone yourself to get more marketing done

If you are an entrepreneur, solo or not, you know all about wearing multiple hats. The buck stops with you to get things done, as it should. In the marketing arena alone, there are numerous things to do, including networking, creating content, posting social media, drafting proposals, qualifying conversations, campaign planning, and coordinating advertising. Sometimes it seems if we could just clone ourselves, it would help tremendously. Since that isn’t possible, what can you do to leverage yourself and your knowledge?

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to spread the marketing tasks out beyond your own limited time. The first is to hire other people to help you. While more people means more feet on the ground and more in-person conversations, it’s not always realistic for your business. In addition to having enough money in your budget to hire help, whether in-house staff or outside consultants, you need to train those people to think and act like you do. Not an impossible task, but it does take time, money, and most of all, finding the right people.

What else can you do? Pay attention now, because this is essentially like bottling yourself and sprinkling it drop by drop on deserving humans everywhere.

Create marketing materials!

Creating marketing collateral to stand in for your physical presence is a brilliant strategy that so many people skip right over. Think of your website, brochures, business cards, information sheets, videos, and emails as miniature stand-ins for you. Often we create these marketing pieces because we think it’s just part of “what you do” in business. Although this IS part of what you do in business, your understanding of why you create them and how you use them is critical to your success. Having the proper mindset around your marketing materials helps you create more effective pieces and saves you so much time.

Here are a few helpful facts to help you understand the power of your marketing collateral:

  • Marketing collateral is meant to answer their questions – not to brag about how great your business is
  • Marketing collateral expands your reach exponentially (say it once in person and reach one person, or say it once through email and reach thousands of people)
  • Marketing collateral helps smaller companies look like bigger companies
  • Marketing collateral allows people to process information in their own time, not your timeframe
  • Marketing collateral helps people remember what you said after the meeting is over
  • Marketing collateral helps you appear more credible and permanent
  • Marketing collateral helps you with consistency in messaging (same story over and over again)
  • Marketing collateral allows you to share reviews and testimonials in a less egocentric way
  • Marketing collateral helps keep you top of mind when you aren’t in front of people

A combination of online and print marketing pieces is usually ideal because they can work together. Not only do these marketing pieces leverage your time, they leverage each other. Depending on your industry, your ideal customers, your business model, and other variables, your marketing mix may look different than someone else’s. We can help you figure out the most effective use of your time and money in creating marketing collateral that helps carry the weight and takes some of it off your shoulders. Contact us if you need help!



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