Getting Ready – for What? When will you be sure?

It seems like we spend a lot of time getting ready.  As business owners, admittedly, we have a lot for which to prepare; including hiring and training staff, taxes, inventory ordering or reduction, sales, and yes, even marketing campaigns. It does pay to think things through so you feel confident you are making the best decisions you can at the moment, armed with the information you have.

Some of us spend a lot of time getting ready to get ready, especially when it comes to marketing. We get so bogged down in the details and the unknown that we are afraid to pull the trigger. Will this campaign work? How much should I be spending? Do I really have the right list? Is this the best headline for the ad? While these are all valid questions, and there are a lot more you should be asking, take a step back when your blood pressure starts to rise over pulling the trigger to implement any marketing activity.

Ask yourself this question: Are you looking for excellence or perfection? Yes, perhaps your list could be better. But if you keep pushing off your newsletter because you aren’t updating the list, you are missing opportunities for the people already on your list to be reading what you have to say. I fall victim to this ‘getting ready syndrome’ at times and find multiple reasons to wait until … (fill in the blank) is done. Don’t misunderstand me – you want all the right pieces in place before beginning a marketing campaign – in an ideal world. Know what you want to say and to whom, and plan the best methods to reach people consistently. But if you find yourself constantly in the situation of missing opportunities and deadlines just because you’re afraid one little piece isn’t right, be bold and do it anyway! Go for excellence instead of perfection and reap the benefits.


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