Does Your Story Excite People?

Is your business interesting? Some people think the interest level of a company’s messaging has to do solely with their industry niche. Professional sports franchise = exciting, lumber yard = boring. Travel agent = exciting, shipping store = boring. If you are one of these people, and especially if you own or run a business that you think is essentially boring, I’m hoping to change your mind.

Industry niche has almost nothing to do with appeal – relevance has everything to do with appeal.

If someone needs your products or service, you are not boring. Period. End of story. Let me say this again: if your business offerings are relevant to someone, you are not boring. Yes, there are things you can do to tell your story better, connect with people in a more meaningful way, and illustrate a higher level of excitement with your message; and you should strive to communicate and engage more effectively with your community continually. When you concentrate on speaking only to those who need what you have to offer, you can become exciting.

If you are struggling with this concept, here are a few examples. Football may be extremely exciting to some, and extraordinarily boring to others. An office supply store may be boring to you if you don’t care about anything but picking up ink, but it may be fascinating to others who want to compare and touch different kinds of paper, see what kinds and colors of new writing instruments are available, or roll around on all the different desk chairs. The ones in the latter category may find it exciting that the new gel pens now come in a fine point, or want to know the results of a fatigue study done on a new chair. As the old saying goes, “you just can’t account for some peoples taste.”

Find out what’s relevant to your intended market, and focus on talking about it to only them. They are the ones who “get it.” They are the ones who will be excited by your 20 different kinds of widgets or boots or hammers. The rest don’t matter – they aren’t your customers and it doesn’t matter if they are bored – they aren’t coming to you anyway…

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