Do You Really Need a Logo?

Do you really need a logo? Is it an indicator of success? While it’s true most of us can picture famous logos without even trying, does that mean we buy their stuff?

In my five-part brand building recipe, one of the essential ingredients is images, or what you look like.  It’s the piece of the brand that includes your logo, along with your other visual components like photos, artwork, color palette, typography, and design. While being an essential ingredient of your brand, your images do not stand alone. Many people view a logo as the brand itself – but there is much more to a brand than your logo and what you look like.

Your logo is a part of your brand, but it is NOT your brand. Many new business owners like to start working on their logo as soon as they have a business concept, because let’s be honest, it’s fun. Finding a visual way to represent your brand is exciting work and helps people understand what you’re about, but your business success does not depend on it. There are brands that make millions of dollars with no logo. Some people who are anxious to get started skip the logo and simply type their name in a particular font and it becomes, by default, their logo.

Do you need a logo? I recommend having one as a part of your brand story, however, DO NOT let the logo design and color palette hold you back from moving forward with launching your business or non-profit. Your business success does not depend on your logo. I’m not saying NOT to make a logo, I am saying don’t focus on it at the exclusion of all the other important ingredients.

A logo is part of your visual branding. When you work with a graphic designer or website developer who says they do branding, make sure you have a clear understanding of the scope of services they provide. If they work on your visual branding alone, just make sure you have the other bases covered, including messaging, core values, ideal client profile, and desired customer experience. All these things together craft a story that will be uniquely yours.

Do you have a logo you’re proud of? An un-logo you’re proud of? Send it to me, I’d love to see what you’re working with – or without.

Happy Branding!

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