Congratulations: You’ve Got That Magic Something!

What is something you own that your competitors will never have? YOUR STORY.

When you effectively use storytelling to communicate your brand, you are guaranteed to have a message nobody else can have. How? Your story belongs to you and only you. Think about the story or your business. It includes things from the following list, perhaps all of them, and certainly some of them.

  • Your “WHY”
  • Details of your founding
  • Composition of your team
  • How you solve problems for your customers
  • How you craft your customer experience
  • Your particular product or service mix

You can craft many stories that can be used for different purposes, using combinations of the items above. These stories help people resonate with you, understand you, and answer the questions they may not even know they have about your business.

Tell your story! It’s the ultimate differentiator and one of your most powerful marketing tools.

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