BOP With Me – It’s Good For Your Business!

I coined a new phrase and its acronym is BOP. BOP stands for Branding-On-Purpose. It also sounds kind of like dancing, which is even better, because it infers that it may actually be enjoyable! In my years of working with business owners, I have found most are very interested in the idea of branding, but often uninspired to actually DO it since it can feel intangible and unrelated to a direct return on investment.

People, I am here to change your mind if this is how YOU feel. Whether you are a solitary entrepreneur (solopreneur), a small business owner or operator, or a huge corporation, working on your brand is crucial. If you are not consciously designing and developing your brand, you may be a victim of “accidental branding.” This can have dire consequences. BOP means you proudly plant your stake in the ground claiming your space— who you are, why you do what you do, and whom you serve. It’s your image and your reputation. Accidental branding means you let everyone else describe who you are, you are inconsistent with messaging, and your image seems to shift with the wind. Can you see that Branding-On-Purpose (BOP) might be more effective than accidental branding?

Let’s be totally honest, are you BOP-ing? How often do you BOP? Do you do it alone or with others? During the work day or after hours? Do you wish you could do it better? A little BOP is better than none at all.

If you are located in the Denver area, you may want to check out our workshop next week, “Creating Your Unique Brand” where yes, we will be BOP-ing. Join us!

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