All or Nothing

I have found that your marketing style usually mimics your personal behavioral style. Don’t make a single move until you’ve researched the heck out of something, and even then, you hesitate because you MIGHT NOT BE READY? Or do you jump in feet first and figure it out as you go? Do you call your shot loudly and in public, and then proceed to crush the barriers in a big, bold way? Or do you silently make progress without calling attention to yourself until you’ve reached your goals?

Sometimes our actions don’t match our intentions. Does it matter? Sometimes it doesn’t – drop off social media for a while and the world doesn’t stop turning. Sometimes it DOES matter – when stuff needs to get done and your normal behavioral style doesn’t match your goals, you can miss opportunities and sales.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about these things over the past 7 months. We don’t need one more perspective on 2020 and what a shit show it has been, do we? I also know you may not need yet another reminder to find the true blessings in what has happened this year. There are plenty of both perspectives being shared daily and we are all free to participate in the conversation or sit this one out.

What I do think is important is that we each understand how to prioritize what is important to us, how to ignore what doesn’t matter and how to keep moving ahead in the face of all that. You know, that thing about the wheat and the chaff (I think this is a Bible story – go look it up if you want). That’s really HARD to do sometimes, particularly on social media. Pandemics, politics, injustice, weather disasters, and more can make you want to take your eyes off the ball (marketing your business).

I know I have struggled with how to show up personally and professionally over the past several months. Those who know me know that I typically wear my heart on my sleeve, and I mix my personal and professional life. I believe the people who choose to do business with us want to know we share values and they want to know our story. The know, like, trust factor is real. Building trust with someone is tricky when things go upside down. Say the wrong thing and it’s polarizing. Say nothing and it’s even worse – you don’t care. All or nothing.

So, what to do? I can tell you with the utmost confidence that consistency is crucial in business. Showing up day after day makes a difference. Beating yourself up because you feel you haven’t been showing up, however, is not usually productive. And if you want a free pass because you haven’t been showing up consistently, well there is 2020.

While my blog posts and social media and email efforts have been on hiatus, I’ve been trying to decide, as many of us are, where I go next. What business decisions do I make? If you find yourself in a similar situation, take heart in knowing you’re not alone. Many businesses have taken a hit, some have thrived, and some have closed. If you’re still around and ready to get back into the game, join me.

My Dad used to say I saw everything as black or white, all or nothing. He thought I argued for the sake of arguing (who, me??). At the time I was much offended and argumentative (oops), as most teenagers are when these types of observations are shared. Of course, in hindsight, he was a good judge of character, mine anyway. If I couldn’t understand it or bend it to my will, I fought it tooth and nail. This year I’m reminded of that because there is a lot I’m frustrated with and don’t understand. Somehow fighting it hasn’t seemed to work so I’ve chosen to fade into the background a bit. All or nothing.

All or nothing doesn’t work that great in business or in marketing. Going “all in” is a popular term, but it takes a lot of effort. If it doesn’t match your personality, don’t worry. If you can’t be “all in” all the time, do your best. “Nothing” isn’t a marketing strategy. So, show up when you can. Share your story when you are able. Someone is waiting to hear it. If you aren’t on social media, reach out through email. If you aren’t blogging, call someone. I’ve heard people still talk on the phone – go figure.

Someone mentioned to me a few days ago that they couldn’t wait for 2021 – a new year has to be better than this one, and I didn’t say what first sprang to my mind. What’s going to be different on January 1, 2021, than December 31, 2020? Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. All or nothing. Or possibly, something in between? You decide.


*Note: I don’t usually recommend stream of consciousness as a marketing approach, but if you find yourself stuck, it’s a great place to start. Thanks for listening. Show up! Let’s do it together.

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