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How do you know if you need marketing help?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you may need some marketing help:

  • Frustrated by the same issues that don’t seem to go away
  • Questioning what is the best direction or strategy for your marketing
  • Not knowing how to implement a particular marketing or branding project Who Works with Marketing Troubadour?

Top 10 Marketing Concerns we hear over and over again. Any of them sound familiar?

  • I’ve heard email marketing works, but what if I’m spamming people or nobody reads it?
  • I’d like to start a newsletter but I have no ideas for what to say
  • My story and my content feels blah – I know it’s not inspiring people to action
  • I’m not sure I have my target market nailed – am I talking to the right people?
  • My marketing feels random and disconnected
  • I wish I knew how my clients really feel about doing business with us – should we do a survey?
  • Should we be using Social Media and, if so, which platforms?
  • How much should we be spending on marketing?
  • I feel like my website isn’t pulling its weight
  • I know I’m leaving money on the table by not staying in touch with people

Our services are particularly

well suited for these kinds of organizations:

  • Service providers such as coaches, consultants, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents
  • Health and wellness providers such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, trainers
  • Professional trade associations and organizations
  • Not for profits and service organizations

Although we serve clients in different geographic regions, both bricks and mortar and virtual locations, and across different industries, we find the best fit is with those who share certain values, characteristics, and goals. These leaders and owners possess:

  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • A desire to communicate more effectively with customers, prospects, and other stakeholders
  • A belief that at the end of the day, business is about connecting people
  • A commitment to creating the best brand experience for their customers as possible
  • A wish to be more consistent in their marketing efforts
  • A gap in their expertise or a lack of time or staff to get things done in-house
  • A need for creative ideas to get their story to the right people
  • The knowledge that marketing makes a difference to their bottom line

What it’s like to work with Marketing Troubadour…

“We consider Lori Dubois to be our "marketing department." She can be counted on for creative ideas to marketing challenges whether it be revamping messaging on our website or help on our monthly newsletters. Lori is an excellent communicator-personable and friendly while being direct and to the point. She gets the job done!”

Andy Medvec - Owner, MEDSource, Inc.

“Working with Lori Dubois was one of the best investments we've made in our business. She researched our unique industry, helped us get clear on our target markets, and has provided a fresh perspective on the industry and our role within it.”

Mary Jean Gradisar - Owner, MEDSource, Inc.

“A very relevant workshop for me and well worth my time! We should all spend some time thinking about our business in this way.”

Bryan Rankin - VIP Mortgage, Inc.

“Lori can develop, execute, counsel and coach with the best of them. Her broad marketing and communications background makes her a valuable person to have at the table.”

Meghan Stinton - Communications & Marketing Director, PARS and CSP

“Working with Lori was, and is, a terrific experience. She’s equally adept at helping clients conceptualize a big-picture strategy and then developing the tactical execution necessary to succeed. I can’t recommend Lori highly enough for her expertise, creative thinking, marketing savvy, and overall commitment to being your best advocate. A delight to work with and a key resource for your business success.”

Kim Dority - President, Dority & Associates

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