At Marketing Troubadour, we believe in relationships.

It’s just the way we are wired. We also believe it creates better results for you. While we are adept at one-time projects, we love long-term collaborative partnerships with our clients.

If we can understand who you really are – the people behind the brand – we can understand why you are in business, what drives you, what your “voice” is and what your communication style should be. These things make a difference and result in messaging that is customer-focused versus seller-focused.


You might think we ask a lot of questions.

We do. We aren’t just being nosy, really. Your best results are based on us gathering important information about you, your organization, your competition, and of course, your customers. This is why every engagement is unique. The most effective tools are used to gather information and may include any combination of the following: surveys, interviews with stakeholders, SWOT analysis, competitive intelligence, research, marketing collateral analysis, and marketing history. We spend more time on the things that require more time, and move more quickly through tasks that don’t demand it. We have learned over time that this work is always worth the effort – it’s critical to developing your story and your messaging.

Marketing is part science, part art. We build marketing solutions for you from a base of tried-and-true marketing foundations combined with creative ideas based on your business, your customers, and specific methods that make the most sense.

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