Look ’em in the eyes: Marketing to humans

Research shows that using photos of people attract more attention, especially when you can see their eyes. I recently participated in a workshop exercise in which we teamed up in pairs, then looked into each others’ eyes for an entire minute. A minute doesn’t seem like a long time until you find yourself staring into the soul of another person. It was an impactful, intense, and intimate exercise that resulted in several hugs and even tears for some at the conclusion. The lesson? If we look, if we pay attention, we see the humanity in all of us.

When we market, we need to remember this. Whenever we craft marketing messages and materials, imagine delivering that message in person while looking into their eyes. Would you write advertising copy in a more straightforward, authentic way if you pictured yourself having a one-on-one conversation? Sometimes we try too hard to be clever, funny, smart, or persuasive because we think it gives us an edge over the competition. What truly gives us an edge, however, is saying something relevant to our audience—creating a resonance that allows others to “look into our eyes” and understand us. If they understand us, they can make a better decision about whether it makes sense to do business with us, and if they choose to do so, your chances of “seeing eye-to-eye” are greatly increased.

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Emilie Downs September 26th, 2014 At 11:31
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